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PS3 CFW Tools

With this tools, you can change PS3 Fan Speed to prevent overheating and YLOD. You can also play all games discless without converting to DEX Console.

Version History

Version 1.31 (Built at 20 October 2013)
*) Add More CFW CEX Supported :
-----MLT 4.50 CEX
-----PS3Ultimate 4.50 CEX
-----DK CFW 4.50 CEX
-----Habib 4.50 CEX
-----Rogero 4.50 CEX
-----DigitalEvo 4.50 CEX
-----FERROX CFW 4.50 CEX
*) Fix some Minor Bugs
*) Improve stabilty
*) Fix Bugs on PS3 ITA Discles Manager

Version 1.30 (Built at 06 October 2013)
*) Change FW version to CFW 4.50 Rogero/Habib/PS3Ultimate

Version 1.20 (Built at 17 August 2013)
*) Fixed minor bugs
*) Change FW version to CFW 4.46 Rogero/Habib
*) Added New Feature: Resign Eboot
*) Added Discless Manager for 4.46 CFW

Version 1.10 (Built at 17 March 2013)
*) Change FW version to CFW 4.40 Rogero/Miralatijera
*) Added Manual Fan Control Option

Version 1.00 (Built at 17 August 2012)
*) Initial release

Download Link

Version 1.31 (ONLY FOR 4.50 CFW): Download Here (5.43 MB)

Version 1.31 (ZIP Version): Download Here (5.43 MB)

Version 1.20 (4.46 CEX ONLY): Download Here (11 MB)

Modified PS3ITA Manager

Use this modified PS3ITA Manager for better performance

Download Link

Download Latest Version (1.51): Here (5.39MB)

Eboot Resigner

Eboot Resigner is a one click handy tool that allows the resigning of 3.55 or decrypted EBOOT.BIN files for use with 4.50 custom firmware (in other word, fix game error when playing on 4.50 CFW). Another great function is the apps ability to automatically obtain the ContentID from NPDRM EBOOT's. It also can automatically determine if EBOOT is Disc Game or NPDRM.

Download Link

Download Latest Version (Windows): Here (3.53MB)


Homebrew PS3 SDK under MinGW/Win32 based in the marioga compilation, psl1ght, Tiny3D, and others libs.

Download Link

Download Latest Version: Here (295MB)

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